Tell me about the $100 deposit to reserve my photography appointment.
It’s just like an airline, hotel or concert ticket.  There’s only one appointment on that day at that time.  Once it’s booked -- it’s booked!  We have an entire staff waiting to make your session and your photographs GREAT!   The deposit is applied to your session fee.

When are payments due?
When you reserve your appointment, we collect a $100 deposit.  This deposit is applied to your session fee.  Session fees are due when you are photographed.  We require a 50% deposit to start your order and balance to be paid when the order is complete.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we accept cash, checks, VISA and Mastercard.

We’ve heard that portraits at Dunlap Photography are expensive, but comparing your prices we see that you’re only slightly more than the ordinary studio.  Why do people think Dunlap Photography is so expensive?
Compared to what?  Clothes? Entertainment? Other photographers?  No.  Check it out -- but carefully.  Professional photography isn’t a commodity, like breakfast cereal or a TV.  There is a HUGE difference between the quality, creativity, service and price individual photographers offer.  You can certainly find photographers who charge less, you can find many who charge a lot more.  BUT, people who compare value (quality, creative, service and price) generally are thrilled that they chose Dunlap Photography.
Our customers love our work so much that the comment we hear most often is, “Terry really made it impossible to pick ... We love them all!”  We believe that people hear we’re expensive because they ask their friends and neighbors what they ended up spending on the pictures.  When they hear the total, they feel we must be expensive without knowing everything the person received for their money.  We feel it’s a great compliment when our customers order a lot and from many different poses -- it means we’ve done our job extremely well!   It’s hard to pick just one or two poses, so our customers may order from multiple poses and get a great value for their dollar!  We believe in treating our clients the way we would like to be treated, so you’ll get no sales pressure from us.  We prefer to let our work do the selling.  When you come in to place your order, Lisa simply asks ... “Okay, what have you decided on?”  Then, what you spend is then up to you.
Remember, the most expensive portraits are the ones you don’t like.  What isn’t easy to compare is what you get for your money!

How can I prepare my child for the session?
Please resist the urge to tell your child to smile or insist they be on their best behavior as this often backfires. Simply say “we are having our portrait taken and it will be fun.” We have photographed hundreds of children and assure you this is the best way. Remember, pre-planning is the best way to put your mind at ease that all will go well on the day of your session!  Do not use up all those smiles! This may sound silly but an infant that is played with excessively, prior to a sitting, can become tired of being ”happy.”

What if my child is sick on the day of photography?
A sick child will photograph like a sick child. If your child is not feeling well, please reschedule the session.

What should I tell my child about the session?
Tell your children they are going to Dunlap Photography to play. This will encourage them to become more receptive to the photographic experience.  The “window of opportunity” with children is short. We suggest doing individual sittings in order to capture each child’s unique personality. At certain ages, incorporating a parent into the sitting helps to stabilize the child and allows each child to be most relaxed and looking his or her best. 

What type of clothing should be worn for our portrait session?
Click here for plenty of helpful suggestions on planning on how to dress for your portraits.

What if I want to wear glasses in my photographs?
We highly recommend that you visit your optometrist--most will be happy to remove your lenses or let you borrow a  set of frames similar to what you normally wear for the session!  Glare from the lights can usually be prevented, but not guaranteed.  Glasses that change in different lighting conditions should NEVER be worn for photography.

Can I be photographed with my pet?
Because of allergies, no pets can be photographed IN THE STUDIO.  All photographs are taken outdoors.  There is an additional charge for pictures with pets and we need to know this prior to the day of photography.  We recommend that you appoint someone to bring the pet for that portion of the session and then take it home, so you don’t have to worry about them while your session is in progress.  It’s a good idea to bring treats to get their attention when the photographs are being taken.  Larger pets can be photographed on location for an additional fee. Remember, Terry is NOT an animal photographer!  His focus is on YOU and your expression ... your pet is a nice prop to the photograph!

What about tanning?
A nice tan always looks good, but don’t over-do, really dark tans don’t photograph especially well. Red peeling skin really doesn’t photograph well. We recommend that you don’t tan 2-3 days before your session, this prevents redness, and fresh tanlines from becoming a permanent part of your senior portraits. 

Can I bring a friend to watch my senior session?
Of course, if it will help you feel more relaxed, bring a friend or parent along!  It is best to leave small children at home during your session, as we want the focus of your time with the photographer to be on creating amazing photographs.

What if I have bumps or bruises that show on my skin?
Bumps, bruises, scratches, etc. which you can see, will be seen in the photographs. Occasionally, you can apply some corrective makeup. If there is a scab or dark bruise that  cannot be covered with makeup, it’s a good idea to call for an appointment to show Terry and see if the photography session needs rescheduled. Retouching can correct many flaws, but Terry knows best!

Should I get a haircut or change my hairstyle before my appointment?
Getting your haircut, especially for guys, just prior to the session is not recommended. Get your hair trimmed a week or so before the session. For girls, we do not recommend a new hairstyle, unless you are very sure you’ll like it. The number one reason girls do not like their pictures is because of their hair. Don’t experiment before your senior pictures. Styling your hair at home is the most convenient, but feel free to bring what’s needed for touch-ups.

How early should I arrive for my (our) appointment?
No more than 5-10 minutes before your appointment.  The important thing is to be ready when you arrive.  If you are bringing children, definitely don’t arrive too early -- their attention span is short, so asking them to wait in the lobby may minimize their cooperation once in the camera room

How long is my session?
Generally, we reserve 90 minutes for your photography.  Babies and younger children do not always reserve that much time for US!  Please prepare for your appointment prior to your arrival.

What if I want photographs outdoors and it is raining?
Normally, it will not rain during your entire session.  Call before you leave the house, and come prepared. 
If weather doesn’t permit the outdoor portion of your session, we will reschedule that portion only.

What is retouching and how much does it cost?
Normal retouching is included in everything you purchase from Dunlap Photography, except previews.  Normal retouching includes softening lines around the mouth and eyes and removal of blemishes.

Do I need an appointment to pick up my finished portraits?
Yes.  You need to have an appointment whenever you come to Dunlap Photography, so that we can be sure to have someone here available to help you.

How long does it take to get the previews back?
Normally previews are delivered by appointment within 3-5 days of your photography appointment.

What are your studio hours?
We are open for your convenience by appointment.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?
Feel free to call the studio at 330.868.6091 

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